Knowing how to grow long eyelashes can give you a gorgeous look around the clock. Using less makeup is appealing to many women, and having a thick set of dark eyelashes is a great way to skimp on makeup. You simply don’t need to accentuate naturally long, lush eyelashes. The problem is figuring out how to create natural growth. Following are some options to consider.



Latisse is a product that promises results. The Food and Drug Administration approves this product, but this does not mean that it is completely safe for everyone, nor does it mean that you can simply purchase the product at your local drugstore. Latisse requires a prescription from a physician.


The product was originally designed to treat glaucoma and people using the test product found that their eyelashes grew thick and lush within a month or so. Although the formula was not successful in treating glaucoma, it has been found to be very effective in growing long lashes quickly.


Precautions and Results

Precautions should be taken when using this product because it can cause redness and irritation in the eye. Latisse should be applied to the eyelid and allowed to dry. Avoid getting the substance into the eye because they may become irritated.


People who use this product can expect to see results in a couple weeks and full effects in about a month. Maintaining the lashes is important because if you discontinue use, the eyelashes will go back to their natural state. This is among the drawbacks of using the product.



Drawbacks to using Latisse include regular doctor visits just to get prescriptions. The product is not conveniently located in stores. The risk of eye irritation is eminent considering that the product is applied to the eyelids.


It is very easy to get the product into the eyes. This leads to discoloration and irritation that can be unsightly. There is little use in applying a product to make eyes more attractive to get results that are unattractive.


Expense is the other consideration to make. The produce costs roughly $120 per month, and considering that regular use is necessary for effective results, this cost adds up very quickly. For some, taking a few moments to apply mascara is a minor task.


Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes

Unfortunately, there is little information available about growing eyelashes without using some type of product. Some natural approaches to growing longer eyelashes include:


• Olive oil

• Castor oil

• Vaseline

• Emu oil


These elements should be used with caution. Always use a sterile applicator, which can include unused mascara applicators. Keep in mind that emu oil can cause hairs to grow on skin no matter where it is applied. Try to avoid putting the oil on other parts of the body unless you want hair to grow there.